• The Vintage "A" Model

    The premier A model mandolin. It is built
    and voiced exactly the same as the Vintage F model.

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  • The Vintage "F" Model

    The Vintage model is voiced to resemble some of the best of the
    early 20's classic mandolins with brilliance and depth of tone.

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  • RED DIAMOND Mandolins

    Hand crafted in Athens, Ohio, the name represents a history
    of excellence in craftsmanship that is put into each instrument

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  • Vintage F Model

    The Red Diamond Vintage model arose after studying the flexibility of a number early 1920’s F-style mandolins.

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  • Vintage A Model

    The Vintage “A” is tonally the twin brother of the Vintage F, and is always difficult to pick in a blind test with the “F”.

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  • Don is Red Diamond Mandolins

    "The goal for me is to build legendary instruments."

    More About Don

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Hand Crafted in Athens, Ohio

For the past 40 years I have studied how the mandolin works, and have come to some realizations about how to control their tone, and playability. A Red Diamond mandolin is the essence of all that study, truly for the discerning player.

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